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September 18, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2Maybe, as a history buff, I’m simply prone to respect tradition, but it drives be crazy when some people are so fixated on changing anything and everything — apparently seeing nothing at all around them deserving of preservation — that they disregard years or even centuries of lore, wisdom and tradition in their zeal to innovate.

Such people are so busy altering everything to conform to their particular vision that they totally ignore the past, disregard evidence that their methods are flawed, and were flawed the LAST ten times they were tried, and dismiss standards of rule and law — and even of common courtesy — as irrelevant. People become irrelevant, too, if they are not a part of “The Plan” or if what they fit into is a preexisting puzzle. They might fit into the new puzzle too, given a chance, but instead, and all too often, they are given no credence and no respect. They are seen as not belonging in the new world order, and therefore of no worth. Gotta love politicians and people with political agendas — especially when they claim to “hate politics”.

I believe that all people have worth, even if only to serve as object lessons for how not to behave, and that experience is a teacher whose lessons should not be scornfully ignored. Those able to proffer wisdom and sage advice based upon education, observation, and exposure to a myriad of life situations should not be arbitrarily disrespected and ignored.

The axiom “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” is especially apropos in such situations, because while bad things might indeed undergo revision some really good things — including common decency — tend to get lost as well, and the innovators are often in such a rush to change everything that they don’t bother to check the bathwater before tossing it out to find out if there just might be a baby in it.

The verse below was inspired by such shortsightedness, bearing in mind that “Those who ignore history are destined to repeat it”…Winston Churchill



Have eyes for the future where new dreams belong;
Have hopes fledged with magic to bear them along;
Have zeal and ambition to make the world bright,
But build with tradition kept firmly in sight.

A world without some transformation grows stale;
A life without novelty cannot prevail.
Embrace innovation and vigor renew,
But never discard what is proven and true.

The past proclaims failures it cannot conceal,
Lest ye be obsessed, reinventing the wheel.
When knowledge of history is incomplete
Such travesties fate makes you prone to repeat.

Thus, do not be blinded by distant allure,
To lessons that destiny marks to endure.
Give heed to sage guidance, and wisdom respect,
For progress and memory can intersect.

Who blindly dismisses the rede of the past,
And games disregarding those older dies cast,
Denying the gifts of those passing before,
As asses and fools may be known evermore.

[23 August, 2015]

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