I Walk the Line

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September 14, 2015 by phicks2012

exhaustedA while back we cut a road along the inside of the fence-line all the way around the Castle property — at least around the part that’s fenced — so that we could maneuver a vehicle around and more easily check the fences and affect repairs. It was an excellent idea, but since LouLou (the tractor) has been ailing it hasn’t been possible recently to keep those roads bushhogged. Sweetgums take root and grow overnight, and when there’s lots of rain — accompanied by wind — trees also go down, and limbs fall.

So, the other day I had to escort a forestry guy around the property, and with LouLou still (so to speak) in pre-op awaiting her new Clutch Return Spring, and trees down across the fence-line roads, The Beast (my aging SUV) just wasn’t going to be able to make it. Nope, it was necessary to walk the entire perimeter — up and down hills, and up and down hills, and up and down hills.

Don’t get me wrong, the tour was necessary, and I was very thankful that the guy came, and that the temperature that day was only 83-degrees out there, rather than hovering (as it had been all too recently) in the mid-to-high 90s, but hiking around that fence-line was probably the equivalent of at least 45 minutes on a tread-climber, only without the benefit of an air-conditioned gym or workout room — giving the term “working up a sweat” all new meaning.

Add to that having to tack on a running commentary on what improvements we’d made, while ducking under precariously leaning tree trunks and stepping over others — and making notes that when we got LouLou out there we were also going to have to haul along a chainsaw — and by the time we got done I looked like I’d jumped into the creek, just without the benefits of having been cooled off by the dip.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that qualifies as “Exercise”. It certainly FELT like exercise! The walking itself wasn’t bad, and I didn’t have sore muscles, but it took me a bloody hour to cool off afterwards, so I figure there had to have been SOME caloric usage, right? Right!! And no TICKS! I was good!!! I may even do it again!

On the other hand, after several hours in my hard, uncomfortable substitute office chair — my “real” chair is still being re-upholstered after too many years as a cat-scratching-post — I needed time in a Jacuzzi! That chair gave new meaning to the term “Pain in the butt”. Do they actually pay people to design those things, because I want the designer of that one FIRED. End of discussion!

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