Shire! Shire! for July

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August 21, 2015 by phicks2012

Long ago now, in 2002 when time was pressing and I had an empty half-page to fill in my monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox”, I was desperately seeking someone to find someone willing to offer a short filler item or bit of artwork to fill that space, but regrettably my luck was not that good and guilt trips were totally failing to produce results.

With no one else to target at the time, I decided to make an attempt at drawing a one-time-only comic strip. I had zero experience at this, and was in no way a comic artist, so I never imagined that the lone comic panel would ever lead to any others. However, the strip proved somehow to be a hit even with those who served — in their SCA personas — as humorous inspiration, and somehow it’s still going all these years later. Stranger things have happened, but probably not many.

The characters are based on real people, albeit as their SCA personas, but, as is usually the way with such things, their traits and idiocyncracies have naturally been exaggerated for the sake of humor. A few characters are mutations of pop culture movie monsters. A precious few others represent dear friends, also in persona, who have passed away — but who have remained in our hearts and who, I absolutely believe, would LOVE the fact that they are still being featured “in spirit”.

For a while I was including the strips monthly in my BLOG, but the other day I realized that I had missed two months, , so I’m now catching up. The Comics below were those published in the July Issue of The Equinox, and I hope you enjoy them!


shireshire-1507a shireshire-1507b shireshire-1507c shireshire-1507d

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