Weather or Not? Hating the Heat!

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August 14, 2015 by phicks2012

sweating-clipart-aTeRaELAcI hate hot weather. Given that I was born and raised in the south, one would think I’d be acclimated to the summer’s heat, but I have to say that this has never been the case.

I liked summer as a child simply because I was out of school for the summer, but even then I preferred to stay in the shade or near water so that I could jump in and cool off.

As a teenager — back when skin cancer wasn’t generally seen as a consequence — I would slather myself with tanning oil and lay out in the sun, but only if I had a body of water or a garden hose conveniently to hand. See where this is going?

As I got older and no longer saw stripping down to a bikini or Daisy Dukes and a halter top has a viable (or generally attractive) alternative to a convenient lake, river or pool, I started finding summer even LESS appealing as a season, and finding electric fans (if not necessarily air conditioning) more and more critical.

Older still, and as shorts and sleeveless tops became less flattering my affection for summer further diminished just as my ability to pay exorbitant power bills also went the way of the dodo.

I understand, on a certain practical level, that people in their waning years might want to move to — say, Florida, if the taxes or cost of living were much, MUCH (did I say MUCH?) lower, or if they’ve lived their lives in northern climes where blizzards and frozen pipes can be the norm, and where they frequntly have to shovel their way to the mini-mart. However, the winters here aren’t that cold, and my own tendency, if I had to move at all, would be to move further north to avoid the worst of the summer’s heat. Cool breezes, mountain streams, and nippy nights! Yeah! That’s the ticket!

If I won the lottery, I might get a vacation home in the mountains — or then again I might just turn on the air-conditioning at the Castle. Hey! I’d actually be able to afford it then, right?

But, in any case, here’s my official vote concerning Global Warming! I’m against it! Anti! Opposed! Versus! Let’s not make it any hotter here than it already is, okay!

Just sayin’.


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