Get Off My Lawn?

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July 28, 2015 by phicks2012

Grumpy_old_manHow do we know we’ve reached Old Farthood? Is there a checklist we can use to see if we qualify, or are we just supposed to “know”?

If we enjoy kicking back in a good recliner watching TV, are we an Old Fart, or do we have to be watching reruns of Lawrence Welk to make that grade?

Are we Old Farts if we drive a bit slower at night in deference to failing eyesight, or to be a genuine O.F. do we need to be driving a Ford Fairlane at 40 mph under the speed limit?

If we go to bed early are we Old Farts, or is that only the case if we also have as our bedtime toddy a bourbon and prune juice?

Are we officially Old Farts if we wonder why anyone in his right mind would want to wear his pants with the waistband down around his thighs and his dirty boxers showing, or do we also have to wear high-water pants ourselves (maybe with suspenders) to qualify?

If we creak when we walk are we Old Farts, or is this true only if we’ve never played professional sports?

Are we Old Farts if we find outselves wondering what happened to manners, morality and common sense in the world at large, or are we just being observant?

If we don’t own a tablet or a smart phone are we Old Farts, or just too financially strapped, thanks to the national or regional ecomony, to be able to afford them?

Are we Old Farts if we have grey hair, or only if we also have sixteen cats?

Is there an App for that? Should I turn this questionaire into a poem? *Thinking about it*

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