“Hearing Darkness”

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July 24, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2I love a creative imagination!! I tend to be drawn to people who can envision worlds and concepts beyond the norm, and whose creative use of language leads to great works of fiction and verse, and to innovative turns of phrase, and to fresh humor.

I am not, conversely, much drawn to people whose creativity tends to be focused upon imagining slights and offenses where none exist, and whose fantasies tend to force others down “a maze of twisty little passages, all alike”. [Zork, 1981].

This, by the way, also goes for people who want to rewrite or to destroy history and art because the past offends them, but that’s another story.

In a world where people often interact far more often on social media than face-to-face, it is now easier than ever for such people to take offense at absolutely nothing — an ambiguous word or statement, a comment meant in jest, or even a well-known axiom.

I once saw a poster who commented on an on-line SCA list in response to a puzzling situation that there was “more than one way to skin a cat” get attacked by another member of that list, verbally abused to a frightening degree, threatened, and accused of animal cruelty and sadism. Hello? Give me a break! Clues, like vowels, were for sale even then!!

I’ve also known people to become absolutely convinced that someone on-line has deliberately and maliciously insulted them when the other person is nice to a fault and has no notion at all of why their friend or acquaintance has suddenly cut them off (Unfriending is such an interesting term, don’t you think?), and started bad-mouthing them to others. Watch out, because the determinedly offended person all too often will villanize you too, if you tell them they’re deluded. Trust me!

So this verse is aimed, if you will, at those who are chronically and eternally determined to hear attack hidden in every syllable — because they deserve it. 😉


“Hearing Darkness”

Some folk find darkness in the cooling shade,
And see the rose but as a blooming thorn.
And any word becomes an insult paid,
With every phrase indicative of scorn.

They see in questions proof of disrespect,
And to the slightest query will arise,
With anger blazing, fury all unchecked,
And indignation storming in their eyes.

The merest word may cause their rage to flare,
As to the mildest speach they take offense,
Imagining impertenence they blare,
In bold defiance of all common sense.

They dream, with self-importance, that we care
To waste our moments seeking their defeat,
And coin our words to bring them to despair,
When we would laugh, and feast on finer meat.

They rage, and in their fury curse our names
Assigning fault where no intention dwells
To harm, and upon shadows casting blame,
Consigning fancied foes to flaming hells.

And unto folk of such a darkened wit,
We say, if you can find no joy, depart!
Seek not to drown our laughter! All of it
We cherish, and hold fast within the heart.

And if in simple speach you find affront,
No language ever spoken will suffice,
To please an ear forever on the hunt
For darkness we’d not share for any price.

[16 June, 2015]

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