Other Fish in the Seafood Sea?

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July 17, 2015 by phicks2012

clfish10So one day in June when the temperatures were verging on incendiary and I had several million errands to run, it occurred to me that I probably needed to stop for lunch — and that since my vehicular A/C was still not working (and I was in essence driving around in a sauna) that prudence decreed I probably ought to pass on the drive-through option.

Well, I’d been Jones-ing for seafood, so I stopped into a well-known fast-food seafood chain and ordered their special 12-Shrimp plate with cole slaw, hush puppies and fries, and a coke, paying with my debit card. Remember that, because it comes back into the story later.

After standing there waiting for a while (still “glistening”, because southern ladies do not, of course, sweat, and not realizing that the server had not yet brought back my card), I went to find a table, where I sat waiting for a good ten minutes making phone calls (in an attempt to track down affordable tractor parts), and during that time the girl behind the counter apparently simply placed my card back on the counter without telling me. Way to go, girl!! Definitely Employee-of-the-Month material THERE!

I finally got my meal, and the hush puppies were fairly good. The fries were alright, if under-seasoned. The cole slaw was that finely-diced version I always suspect was made by a machine, but wasn’t going to kill me. The shrimp — well, I did get a dozen, but based upon the size of the tails they appeared to have started frozen-food life as cocktail shrimp, and then been hammered flat to make them look bigger before the breading was applied. After biting into them, it was very hard to SEE any shrimp in cross-section, and I cannot ever recall seeing shrimp that flat occurring naturally. You could barely taste them either.

Maybe I should have sent them back, asking if they had any less anorexic shrimp, but I didn’t. I was finally cooling off in their A/C, but my brain was still probably on low simmer, so instead I ate.

I was nearly done with my meal when another customer — NOT an employee — returned my debit card to me saying it was lying on the counter. The employees could easily have brought it back to me since there were only two customers in the place, me and the other guy/good samaritan, and if the other customer hadn’t been honest, or if there had been a lot of customers, my card might easily have taken a trip out the door.

So the question is: Do I EVER give this chain another chance? Of the fast food seafood chains, this one used to be better than the other one in our area, but if I judge them based upon this visit — well, there ARE other fish in the seafood sea, right?

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