“With Grace”

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July 11, 2015 by phicks2012

Sometimes it can be hard to take pleasure in the successes of others when our own lives are in a tailspin. It’s very easy to resent those to whom everything seems to come quickly and easily, and without apparent effort, but the truth is seldom that simple or straightforward, and we do ourselves no favors by behaving in such a way as to make our resentment obvious to others. Allowing ourselves to become embittered when others recieve accolades that we feel we ourselves deserve is nearly always obvious to those around us, and making caustic comments will only serve to make us appear petty and ungracious.

Those who are gracious in defeat, showing good sportsmanship and the capacity for looking past temporary setbacks, are far more likely to impress and to inspire those around them, and with that in mind I jotted down the verse below. I hope that some will think it worth the effort.

“With Grace”

When life and fortune shrug and turn away
Our hearts may sadden, or with anger swell,
And, seeing others blessed, may feel dismay
That we are not by favor touched as well.
When love is lost, and lovers walk away
Our souls may wither in a darkened space,
But whatsoever life may send our way
We can but strive to weather it with grace.

When others prosper, fated to succeed,
In that take joy and let your heart be light,
To know that happiness can come indeed,
And may be waiting where our dreams take flight.
That if our spirits soar, from anger freed
That life may wear a softer, kinder face,
And we may follow where our wishes lead,
If we can look upon the world with grace.

[9 June 2015]

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