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July 6, 2015 by phicks2012

Computer 01Is it just me, or does anyone else out there have this problem: You’re on your home computer working on something that requires you to have multiple applications or web pages open, or (God Forbid!!) you’re doing on-line gaming, when suddenly your computer slows down to a crawl and pages start freezing or failing to open or close, or programs refuse to shut down — all because some automatic update is downloading in the background.

No warning. No option to postpone the download until a more convenient time (like 3am). No offer to schedule regular downloads for more convenient times either. They just start up and bog you down at any time at all, and very often during the very hours of the day when you are most likely to be using your computer.

On older versions of Windows, I remember pop-up warnings asking if you wanted to accept downloads/updates, but these days they don’t bother — and now there are just SO MANY resident programs on our computers that update automatically. We have graphics programs, games, anti-virus programs, computer maximization programs, registry cleaners, platform updates, driver updates and more, and most of these actually are very useful. If only they would download in the middle of the night I would have no issue with most of them — as long as they don’t include piggy-backed nuisance applications, extra browser bars, and so forth — but WHY is it necessary to deal with them during peak hours?

I’ve been told a few times by people on-line who obviously can afford the very latest computer upgrades to “get more bandwidth”, but that isn’t always an option, financially. A friend tells me that the newest incarnation of Windows will allow users to block these things and manually release them, say, at bedtime when we’re no longer going to be using our computers. I hope this is true. I really do, because I’ve already rebooted my system several times today to get it to speed back up. AAACCCKKK!

But if, in the meanwhile, anyone can suggest an alternative, I would immediately launch into my “Happy Dance” — as soon as I determine that it actually will work!!! Make me HAPPY! I will even film the happy dance, and amuse (or horrify) dance critics world-wide!!


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