Legends XXI: William Tell

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June 22, 2015 by phicks2012

On June 20th, 2015 The SCA Shire of Sol Haven hosted Legends XXI: William Tell at Factory Shoals Park in Covington, GA. Legends is, and has been, the Shire’s signature event since 1991, and Factory Shoals is a beautiful small site on the Alcovy River.

The first event the group ever hosted — the first three were called Rites of Spring because that was when they were held — was held at this park, and while it lacks the cabins and feasthalls of more prominent group camps like those at state parks like Indian Springs, FDR, AH Stephens, and Hard Labor Creek, it is really beautifully kept with plenty of shade and space for our traditional fighting activities and tournaments, and for live weapons and archery.

The Ranger — the same Ranger who was there for our first event 26 years ago, and who still recalls it fondly — is a great guy, and despite two years when we tried shifting the event to a fall date, and then a subsequent, short three year hiatus when the event was not held at all, Legends has always been a successful event.

It is always a challenge, however, to resurrect an event after not hosting it for a year or two, and we were delighted therefore that Legends XX: Marco Polo in 2014 was as successful as it was. Hopes were high for Legends XXI: William Tell, and this past weekend we welcomed our guests, with a day of Heavy and Rapier Fighting, Youth Combat, Live Weapons & Archery, Classes, a Fund-Raiser Lunch featuring cold chicken capresi pasta salad, watermelon and lemonade, run by our friends from the Barony of Bryn Madoc, and a Covered-Trencher Feast.

The preparation phases for the event were not without drama — go figure! There were necessary staff changes, scheduling complications, trouble lining up folks to load the Shire’s eventing supplies for transport, and a too early jiffy john delivery. There was also some miscommunication with Mother Nature concerning the weather — I mean, REALLY? 91-degrees with a supposed heat index of 103-degrees? Surely we could have arranged for a cold front, right?

Despite all of this, Legends was a success, and we’ve received a lot of rave reviews from guests in attendance. I’ve already seen lots and lots of great pictures posted, and the William Tell theme enabled us to feature a lot of interesting fighting and archery scenarios — word to some of the archers: You were supposed to hit the apple on the target, and not the drawing of the kid! LOL.

To all of those who worked Legends or attended the event… THANK YOU!!! Your presence made it all worthwhile, and we hope to see you back next year!!


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