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June 8, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2Some people are just full of ideas!! Some of those ideas are horrible and totally impractical, but some are excellent, even brilliant, and if followed through on would make a real difference of some sort, inspiring others to follow suit. However, some people have a tendency to throw ideas out there and then expect others to implement them.

Now, if the crafter of the idea is in a position to “require” subordinates to follow through, then that’s one thing. That’s called “having employees” or (if he or she happens to be a mad scientist or mega-villan or charismatic Peer) “minions”. But for people who do not have the authority to demand that other people step in to see their ideas through to fruition, then “expecting” a friend, relative, or co-worker to take that responsibility is probably NOT the best of notions — especially the idea-crafter continues to complicate the original idea until it becomes virtually unworkable.

Becoming hurt and offended if someone else does not automatically follow though on YOUR project — especially one requiring more and more of an investment of time, energy, and patience all the time — is pointless and counter-productive. People — even those who might be willing to “help” — generally do not enjoy being stuck with taking total responsibility for projects they did not volunteer to (or agree to) take charge of, and even if they DID agree to run the show they will soon become exasperated if their burden continues to be added to. That, my friends, is called “piling on”.

Nope. Every once in a while that “idea person” really needs to think about actually following through on his or her own ideas, call it a do-it-yourself project, or people are going to start running (not walking) the other way when the ideas start flowing — knowing that just because they agree in principle that the ideas are good ones they are very likely to find themselves saddled with unwanted and unneeded (and onerous) duties.

People who run an idea “up the flagpole” and are told that it sounds good should assume (unless it’s otherwise clearly stated) that those listening are NOT volunteering to head or even to help with the project in question. If they ask for assistance, and someone agrees to “help”, they should not assume that this means that person is willing to shoulder total responsibility for organizing, obtaining materials, creating props, contacting other people, or acting as problem-solver when something goes wrong.

Once again, being offended or upset with someone who fails to implement a task they never agreed to take on is — well, it’s a sure way to guarantee that they never again offer or agree to take on any role at all in the future — so consider that the next time around.

In any case, I hope that some will enjoy the short verse below, and remember whenever possible to “Give Wings” to your own ideas.


Some visions are kestrels that soar on the winds,
And nest in the heights where the dreaming begins,
Spreading golden-veined wings in a dream-dappled sky.
Inspiring the watcher to rise and to fly.

And if those who stand awed, gazing up from the ground,
Are inspired by the visions to seek the profound,
Aspiring to triumphs, with passion and zeal,
When they rise they can render their fantasies real.

But the dreamer should not wait aloft in a nest
Casting dreams, thinking others will handle the rest.
Though he hopes that his flight will inspire greater things,
He will fly higher still after earning his wings.

[19 May, 2015]

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