A Passionate Lady to Her Mundane Love

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May 29, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2Long ago, in the late 1980s, when I first discovered the SCA, I also found myself serving as Chronicler for my local Shire of Sol Haven — an office I still, after all these many years, hold.

Wanting to keep our local newsletter, The Equinox, interesting, I encouraged members of our group to contribute poetry for publication, and back then we had several poets in our midst who could, at least occasionally, be counted upon to provide me, for better or for worse, with verse. When they didn’t, well I just wrote a little something myself, and those verses were not always particularly impressive. Some, like the verse below, were rather shameless parodies.

Thus, with apologies to all passionate shepherds — and to Christopher Marlowe — pray allow me to present:

A Passionate Lady to Her Mundane Love

Come live with me and be my lord,
And we’ll spend all we can afford
On woolens soft, and linens fine,
And taste of dandelion wine.

Beneath pavilions brightly hued
We’ll witness chivalry renewed
As armored warriors bravely vie
‘Neath neo-medieval sky.

And I will make thee tunics grand
With every single stitch my hand,
Embroidered with the finest thread,
And velvet hangings for our bed.

A surcoat of the finest weave
To wear with helm, and glove, and greave;
Tall boots of fine and supple hide,
Perhaps with fur or fleece inside.

A leather belt; a brazen torque;
A silver knife and spoon — no fork;
And in our finery, anon,
Then shall we dance a grand pavan.

And you will doff your armor bright,
And we shall dally through the night,
And leave no option unexplored
If thou wilt only be my lord.

[31 May, 1989]

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