Mars & Venus and Natural Selection?

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May 25, 2015 by phicks2012

The other day a Friend posted a male-female question on Facebook that started me thinking in terms of Nature vs. Nurture where the personality differences between men and women are concerned.

There is evidence, apparently, that the genders are “wired” differently when it comes to the brain, and that this might in some ways explain the phenomenon of transgender identification. If a child were born simply “wired” as the opposite sex that would indeed explain a great deal, in fact. However, another school of thought has it that culture plays a more telling role, and reinforces gender-linked behaviors, both good and bad.

I suspect that it might be a combination of both, but since not all men, or women, conform to popular stereotypes culture would definitely seem to play a major role in how we learn to behave, regardless of “wiring”. Simply being wired as male or female might be rather like having a PC or Mac Operating system, with culture supplying the software.

So why is it — speaking from a female perspective — that our culture might reinforce male behaviors that most intelligent females find (or ought to find) offensive or unattractive? I mean, one would think, after all, that men who are violent, condescending, and abusive would eventually be removed from the gene pool simply because right-minded women would never opt to reproduce with them. Right?

Using that rationale, male deadbeats, dickheads and asshats would eventually cease to exist, simply by the preocess of elimination, because that sort of behavior would be of no benefit to men. The fact that women continue to fall for men like this tells me, therefore, that we are, as a gender, stupidly desperate, and that too many straight females are just too often willing to settle for just about anything genetically male.

Ladies, if we took a hint from the animal kingdom and picked only strong, intelligent, supportive men to mate with, kicking the users, abusers, and losers to the curb, we could change the world! Okay, so we’d probably have to share the good ones for a while until the rest got the message, and that would pretty much suck, but in time competition would insure that if the straight men don’t want to live celebate lives they’ll get with the program, right?

Anyway, that’s my theory, and I’m sticking with it, so THERE! I’ll leave it to my male counterparts to figure out how to weed out the female equivalents. 😉

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