We Need an APP for That!!!

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May 15, 2015 by phicks2012

western_clipart_bullNowadays they have APPs for nearly everything. You can find the Name of a Song, Navigate your way to France, Track your Exercise and Diet, Get Weather Reports, and even probably Shop for a Ferrari using your smart phone.

Cable and Satellite TV providers have APPs too. They allow us to Track our favorite Sports Teams, get Weather Reports, Check our Horoscopes, Track the Stock Market, and Find out about Traffic Congestion.

Those can be handy, but what I’d really love, Love, LOVE to see is an APP that can block Drug Company Commercials and Lawyer’s Ads on TV. I am really tired of being subjected to one commercial after another pushing drugs recommended for a myriad of conditions and including a laundry list of dangerous side effects, and of sitting through ads for personal injury lawyers, all of whom promise you the settlement “You Deserve” and imply that this will be HUGE!!

Now don’t get me wrong! There are obviously plenty of other things on TV I’d love to block, too. I’d give a good bit to be able to enter “Kardashian” and block any show featuring any member of that hugely annoying family, or to type in “Tasteless Trash” and block shows like Jerry Springer and Bill Cunningham. It would be nice to be able to click on “Unlike” or “Unfavorite” and skip right over certain pervasive and virtually endless Infomercials, or to have the “Recommendations” they post actually reflect my personal tastes rather than what seems to be popular in my general geographic area.

So if you happen to be a programmer with the training and ability to create APPs, please think about what I’ve said, and give us a BREAK! Give us that “Thumbs Down Icon”, “Unfavorite Button” or “Trashcan” marker! Be a Champion!! Save the World!!!!!

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