The Privacy Pit

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April 24, 2015 by phicks2012

portcullis-02Once upon a time when you needed to find someone you could call information and get a phone number — and it was a FREE SERVICE!! Imagine that!

Later you could go on-line to track a person down, but thanks to criminals and identity thieves we can no longer do that without paying to join some program that charges an arm and a leg, and still might not find the right person.

The other week my uncle passed away. He was 97, and had lived a full and happy life, married to the same woman for over 70 years and able to live with her in their own home until less than a month before he passed away. That’s saying something!!! But when we got the word we started trying to track down the cousins on that side of the family to tell them, and hit a brick wall.

People make “Googling Yourself” sound easy, but after HOURS and HOURS of jumping fruitlessly from Search Engine to Search Engine, the best I could do was to track down three associated names (a cousin, his wife and their son – I think) with no addresses or phone numbers, and supposedly living in two different towns. When I called directory assistance I was assured that no one by any of those names had land lines in either of those towns, and that they “probably had cell phones”. Wonderful. Of what real use is directory assistance when most people these days have cell phones and cell phones are not listed? If I want the number of a business, I’ll go on-line. No one tries to hide those, because businesses sort of NEED their numbers and addresses out there. Otherwise, they’d get a lot fewer customers, right?

I “might” have been able to get an address and phone number for one of them if I’d been willing to join Peoplefinders for $.95 (and then rush to cancel it within three days or be thereafter charged $24.95 a month for a service I would pretty much NEVER use — or pay $1.95 for a single report that might or might not be the right one. Maybe I should have done that last one, but buying a “pig in a poke” has never appealed to me, and without being given enough information to know that I was paying to look up the right person, why would I do that?

So, since no one has heard from my cousins Mary, Cliff or Doug, or their spouses or children in more years than I care to consider, I guess they just aren’t going to hear the news that our Uncle Jimmy has passed away.

Thanks, identity thieves and felons, for helping to make this happen!

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