Farewell to Trimaris?

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April 10, 2015 by phicks2012

misc010So!  The other day I checked out a Nat Geo animated graphic showing what the earth would look like if the polar icecaps melted away, and my SCA-attuned mind immediately clicked on how the present Kingdoms of the Known World would fare.


Based upon map projections:

Aethelmearc – Almost no change
Artemisia – Almost no change
Atenveldt – Almost no change
Calontir – Almost no change
Ealdormere – Almost no change
Middle – Almost no change
Northshield – Almost no change
Outlands – Almost no change
An Tir – Small coastal areas (but including the Baronies of Three Mountains and Madrone)
Caid – Small coastal areas (but including the Baronies of Altavia, Gyldenholt, Lyondemere, Calafia and The Angels)
West -Small coastal areas (but including the Barony of Allyshia and large portions of Japan)
Drachenwald – Substantial coastal areas
Ansteorra – Most of the present coastline (including the Baronies of Brodermarch, Stargate, and Loch Sollier).
Atlantia – Most of the present coastline
East – Most of the present coastline
(including almost all of the Southern Region)

Meridies – Most of the present coastline (including the Barony of the Osprey)
Gleann Abhann – Most of the present coastline, and nearly all of Louisiana (including the Baronies of Axemoor & Seleone)
Lochac – Some Coastal areas, and There would be a central Sea
Trimaris – The Whole Kingdom

Okay, so I got inspired, and fanciful though it might be the verse below came to me, a Meridian:

“Farewell to Trimaris”

Farewell to Trimaris, adieu An Crosaire,
And Wyvernwoods towers would no longer rise there,
The vales of Amjurgorod, Bentonshire’s halls,
And the sun-dappled lands that were Sangre del Sol.

The spires of Castlemere, Darkwater deep,
The fair folk of Stag Ridge, the mists of Swampkeype,
Fair Stedborough’s marches, and Loch Gryffyn’s mere,
Ne’ermore would be seen where they once did appear.

The Shire of Southkeep, the lands of Trysel,
The shores of Sea March where the tides rose and fell,
The sweeps of Tri Os and of Vaca del Mar,
And the fair Fiodh Ogain no more marching to war.

No Nan Crioch Tuatha, and no Mathom Trove,
Brave Starhaven’s fields where the star towers rose,
The banners of Oldenfeld, and Sudrholt free,
Sunk down with the Ruins ‘neath an uprising sea.

If ice of the north were to vanish one day
And the oceans arose not a cothold would stay.
Mighty Marcaster’s bastions that gleam in the sun,
Would be lost neath three seas that were suddenly one.

So think wisely on that when you hear it be said
That the Known World is warming and loss lies ahead.
For so many great Kingdoms would suffer that day,
But the lands of Trimaris would all fade away.

[10 April, 2015]
So let’s not melt the icecaps, okay? Just sayin’.

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