Spring Cleaning?

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March 30, 2015 by phicks2012

besomSo, I’ve been debating whether or not to throw myself — body, soul, and cleansing products — into the task of getting The Castle ready for the onslaught of Spring. Now, don’t get me wrong. I try to maintain a semblance of order around me anyway, and while I have a minor degree in Packrattery I do have fairly ample storage space for my dubious memorabilia, and will only allow the clutter in other areas to get to a certain point before I start sorting, tossing and/or archiving what turns up.

Despite this, my office space does tend to remain cluttered because — in addition to my computer and its kin — it contains my heraldic references (in book form), newsletter materials (white and colored paper, and physical archives of past issues), dictionaries, and various other handy-to-have-on-hand-when-you-tend-to-write-and-publish odds and ends, all of which tend to get dusted somehow with a regular re-application of donated cat hair. The Office, in short, just isn’t likely to STAY pristine, no matter how much effort I put into it.

The kitchen stays mostly fine, as long as you don’t unwittingly drift over behind the island and into the no-man’s-land/food preparation area — at which point it does seem to devolve. As long as I personally keep it swept and dive in at least once a week to mop the floor, even that looks pretty good. My housemates — unlike some I had in college and have endured since — may not have figured out how to sweep and mop a kitchen, but they are pretty much trained to wash and/or place dishes into the dishwasher, and to clean up after themselves otherwise, and the kitchen doesn’t really get cluttered if you don’t count the top of my roll-top desk where small odds and ends do tend to gather and breed prior to having the herd thinned out. Also, Jason actually takes out trash without being prompted, and can repair nearly anything, so a few crumbs and tracked in grass and mud/manure are a SMALL price to pay, wouldn’t you say?

The Living room doesn’t get used a lot on a day-to-day basis, and is closed to the felines and canines. That does, as a result, only need to be mopped and dusted and vacuumed once in a while. Okay, so that’s due about now.

The Dining Room does get used, if not often for “dining”. I tend to sew in there, and to use the table top to sort and bind newsletters, and to work on other artsy projects. But it’s in pretty good shape, and a quick mop-dust-vacuum would have that top notch — as long as I move out the stacks of fabric and shift the sewing machines to another alternate reality.

The Bathrooms are fine, and everyone is responsible for his or her own Bedroom, so I only need to tend to my own. However, I’ll admit that my room would benefit from a more thorough dusting, and that the dendritus left on the area rugs as a direct result of firewood having been hauled into the room during recent weather dips means that I do need to drag a vacuum up the stairs and ask it to suck up what the broom missed. Bark does tend to give “texture” to rugs, even if it doesn’t really show up against the rug’s patetrn.

Sweeping, mopping and dusting the basement would pretty much do the trick down there too, because it actually stays pretty clean even though the Workshop is down there and things like saws, sanders, and drills do tend to contribute sawdust.

As for the Staircases, furry pets and the last great wave of suicidal ladybugs have seen to it that those need attention, though otherwise they aren’t bad. If you don’t mind a few dead ladybugs crunching underfoot as you ascend and decend — Sound effects and added traction? — and tufts of kitty fur clinging to the base of the newel posts you can negotiate the Stairs just fine. However, I’ll concede that “Yes” those do need to be swept and mopped, too.

So when you come right down to it, not all that much actual Spring Cleaning is really required, is it? I’m thinking “Nope”. I just need to do a bit of routine de-cluttering, dusting and spritzing the orange oil, and sweeping and vacuuming and mopping to qualify — if not for a spread in “House Beautiful” — for honorable mention in “House Unusual”.

*Mental note to self: I AM going to have to get a new mop that isn’t shedding and to buy at least one more bottle of Orange Oil*

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