Guilty Pleasures or Just Artifacts of Boredom?

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February 27, 2015 by phicks2012

TV-Head Gorilla-SPeople talk about guilty pleasures, and about shows that they watch on TV even though the shows are without much intelligence or redeeming social value.

I tend to be a multi-tasker. When I’m working on my computer, writing poetry or prose, writing articles, working on comic strips, doing calligraphy, drawing, editing newsletters, paying bills, scanning grapics, commenting on heraldry, answering email, hand-sewing or anything else that tends to be done in my home office, I also tend to have the TV going, off to the side. I don’t always pay a lot of attention to what’s being broadcast, but my tendency (with non-prime-time fare) is to find something that doesn’t require me to pay much attention to what’s going on and isn’t distracting by virtue of being really annoying.

I’ll admit that if Judge Judy or something similar comes on, I’ll generally leave it running in the background, though I might not pay much attention. If a cooking show, or a wildlife documentary, or a science show, or even a home remodeling show comes on I’ll pay closer attention if I think I might actually learn something from it. If a rerun comes on I’ll pause and watch (working during commercials) if the series is one I like and I haven’t seen the episode in a while, and I’ll definitely watch football, or figure skating or gymnastics. I’ll occasionally pay some attention to things like Doctor Phil, or The Weather Channel (in times of iffy weather), or CNN, or one of the Sports talk shows, or (rarely) one of the usually hokey Ghost-Hunting shows (if they are “investigating” an interesting historical location).

If, on the other hand, Jerry Springer (or any similar piece of dreck encouraging moment-of-fame seeking idiots to scream and fight), ANY incarnation of Real Housewives or The Kardashians, any cartoon show seemingly tailored for children under 3-years old, any infomercial, any reality show (can you say “Honey-Boo-Boo”?) featuring truly stupid and classless people, any celebrity gossip show (except for TMZ which is just really funny), almost any show hosted by a sing-song televangelist or extreme left or right wing politico, or (to be honest) nearly anything on either TLC or MYTV happens somehow to have gotten tuned in, I will immediately change the channel.

I do have a few guilty pleasures, like Project Runway, Top Chef, Inkmaster (Hey! Some of the tattoos are outstanding!!), Who’s Line Is It Anyway? (ALWAYS good for a good laugh or dozens), and Restaurant Impossible, but I still have SOME standards, even when I might not really be focusing on what’s playing on TV at the moment because what’s playing is more mild distraction than entertainment. I’ll even watch America’s Dumbest Criminals on occasion. But, if I have to entirely check my IQ at the door to watch something, then I guess it just isn’t going to happen.

Oh well. 😉

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