“Tweets and Twitters”


February 2, 2015 by phicks2012

ctree2I signed up for a Twitter account a while back because — well, so many TV shows and forms of social media seemed to utilize Twitter feeds to determine everything from the popularity of politicians, to the current opinions on sports, to the favorite flavors of ice cream, and there were times when I felt compelled to state my opinions.

Yes, well the problem now is that I don’t own a smart phone and rarely think to sign on to Twitter when I’m on my computer unless I have one of those opinions to express. As a result, I haven’t really figured out how to use it to any sort of advantage, and when I do sign on I’m presented with “tailored trends” that in no way reflect anything in which I am even remotely interested. Twitter claims to tailor these to your location and what or whom you are following, but mine seem entirely tailored to the former, and to assume that I’m going to be interested in the TV shows, pseudo-celebrities, movies, and what-have-you that are deemed popular in my geographical area. I see no evidence whatsoever of any of my “tailored trends” reflecting my genuine interests, and their HELP menu does not address this either as far as I can see.

So the first question is, “How do I actually “tailor” my “Tailored Trends” to reflect topics of even slight interest to me?”

The second question is “If I tweet about Twitter will Twitter respond?”

The third question is “How do so many people actually find time to tweet?”

Regarding Number One, well — admittedly, the Tweets that appear by default on my Home Page are Tweeted by people or organizations I follow, but I don’t follow that many and they don’t tweet that much, so what can I say?

Only time will tell about the second.

My best guess on the third item is that they never sleep and have smart phones glued to their hands, but that’s probably just MY opinion.

In any case, the following doggerel verse was inspired by this issue, and I hope you find humor in it:

“Tweets and Twitters”

If I tweet upon Twitter to make my thoughts known
Do they fly through the ether or sink like a stone
To where no one will follow? I surely don’t know,
But I’m guessing the latter is where they would go.

Now, the trends that they tailor to suit my own style,
Just reflect my location, and aren’t versatile,
And the folks that I follow, post tweets scant and rare.
If I tweeted more often would anyone care?

Yes, I tweet only rarely; no reason or rhyme,
But I do keep on trying, when I have the time,
To express my opinions, and not hesitate,
On the things that I favor and things that I hate.

And if I make an effort, to let Tweeters know
That I really detest some reality show,
Or some actor, or team maybe some will agree,
And the whole Tweeting World pay attention to me.

If they don’t, well there’s nothing I really can do
To assure their agreement, or change their world view.
Still, I’ll Tweet when I have an opinion or two,
Or when I simply have nothing better to do.

[23 January 2015]


5 thoughts on ““Tweets and Twitters”

  1. bernquist says:

    I started a Twitter account for my huge wooden blog a few weeks ago and I still have no idea how to use Twitter!

    • phicks2012 says:

      LOL! I sort of know how. I just don’t really care enough to master the art! Is it an art? *Runs out to Tweet about the peanut butter and banana sandwich I’m sort of eating* NOT

      • bernquist says:

        Haha yeah it’s frustrating. I may throw it in the trash soon.

      • An art? I prefer to see it as a challenge. Undoubtedly one I’m failing to master, but I’m trying. It’s odd, there seems to be the people who are addicted to twitter, the people who HAVE to twitter (celebrities, businesses), and then nobody else. I don’t fit into either of those groups.

      • phicks2012 says:

        I find it personally impossible to imagine why anyone would WANT to Tweet about every insignificant incident in their day — or why anyone else would have any remote interest in READING about such trivia. Sure, it’s handy to be able to express an opinion from time to time on something marginally important, but REALLY! REALLY? LOL

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