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January 19, 2015 by phicks2012

Knotwork blockHave you reached that point in your life where you find yourself wondering if relatives you haven’t seen in quite a while are even still alive? When you’re young, and they are young — or at least young-ISH — you tend to assume that they’re still around somewhere doing their thing, whatever their particular THING chances to be. However, as you get older, they do too — it’s a fact of life — and you more and more often have to face the fact that people do shuffle off this mortal coil.

That number will shockingly include people your own age or even younger, old boyfriends (and not to be sexist, girlfriends), people who lived down the street when you were a kid, the class bully, the older kid you had a hopeless crush on in middle school, and, yes, relatives.

My mother was always the family member who kept up with what everyone in the family was doing. She knew what the Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and whatever were up to, and sort of kept us all posted, even if the relative in question wasn’t one we’d ever gotten along with. But we lost mama back in the late 90s, and with her that perpetual fountain of information. Now, I do well to hear about LOCAL passings. Forget about those relatives who live at a distance!

So I recently learned that an Aunt in Miami (at least I think she still lived in Miami) had died about five years ago, that a cousin in West Palm Beach (I think she still lived in West Palm) had lost her husband at some indeterminate point, and that another cousin had supposedly died suddenly (though we’re still verifying that). That’s on my mother’s side. I haven’t heard about any new departures on my father’s side, but I’m beginning to think that I might not necessarily know about either family branch, simply because I’m not in the right loops.

It’s been a while, I guess, since I was in those loops. Years ago when my elderly aunt and uncle were kidnapped and driven around in the trunk of their car all day in the heat of August before finally (and thankfully) being released, and I was out of state when it happened, I had to find out about it months later from my dental hygenist. Go figure!! In their defense, everyone assumed that someone else MUST have told me!!

I feel guily when a relative dies and I don’t even know about it, but these days — even with social media following the every breath and twitch of pseudo-celebrities and people posting selfies of their every minor action — when families are scattered we don’t always know what’s going on with them unless they happen to be active on Facebook. Sometimes the only way we know for sure is to surf the obituaries to verify or discount rumors (if we hear them) of someone’s passing, and that’s a pity, really. It’s a shame to think we’re that out-of-touch with people who ought to still factor in our lives, but we often are.

So any living relatives of mine out there who read this are hereby invited to speak up!!! Most will not, of course, be following my BLOG or Facebook postings, and are probably just ASSUMING I’m still drawing breath, but please appease my curiousity if you will!!

Thanks in advance! 😉

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