Weather or Not

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December 19, 2014 by phicks2012

misc010To the Weather Geeks of the World, I have a question!!!

I’ve been trying to determine the scientific and meteorological reasons why The Castle seems to generate some sort of severe storms avoidance field — and of course I’m hoping fervently that this positive tendency persists.

Whenever a really horrible-looking storm front comes sweeping in from the northwest or the southwest — and they almost always come from those directions — we watch the weather coverage carefully as a wall of intense color looms closer and closer, with reports of heavy rains, high winds, severe thunderstorms, and possible tornadic activity.

When I was in college, tornados struck both Conyers (where I was at home for a weekend to attend a friend’s bridal shower) and Athens (where I was a student at the University of Georgia) doing considerable damage in both cities. In fact, a woman who shared my name was killed in Athens that weekend, leading lots of people to call my mother to express their sympathies — and being somewhat taken aback when I answered the phone at her house. In any case, it felt like a close call, and since then I do tend to pay attention to tornado warnings. I do NOT go outside with a cocktail and a video camera to celebrate the experience. 😉

But back to the present day! Given past experiences I do tend to keep an eye on the doppler radar, and so far every time a serious storm front has moved in the storm-line has seemed to break apart just as it reached the castle, with the really severe weather moving by on either side of us. It’s almost spooky — though deeply appreciated, of course. We get rain. We sometimes get fairly heavy rain, and some wind too, but it’s almost as though we exist in a bubble of high pressure that forces the worst of the weather away from us, and I have to wonder why that is. Maybe, as my daddy used to say, I’m just “holding my mouth right”.

According to what research I’ve thus far been able to conduct on-line, high pressure is generated when the air is cooled, and since I live near both a river and a large stream I suppose it’s possible that the area around The Castle tends to be a bit cooler, generating higher pressures that sort of push storms away just enough to spare us the worst. But I invite anyone versed in meteorology to enlighten me!! I’d really like to know if this is even possible, or if I’ve just been extremely lucky for the past 14 years.

Enquiring minds want to KNOW!

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