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December 15, 2014 by phicks2012

Christmas CastleYou know, when I was a child I waited eagerly for various cool holidays to arrive, and they never seemed to do so quickly enough. New Year’s, Easter, Fourth of July, my Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were always painfully slow in coming.

Then I grew up and had to start preparing for those holidays by decorating, hosting parties or gatherings, and/or buying gifts, and suddenly they started coming FAR too quickly. These days there always seems to be a Holiday looming, and now here we are — barely through with Halloween and Thanksgiving and already on the brink of Christmas and New Years.

For years I hosted very successful parties at Halloween or New Years (people actually used to gate-crash), and often picnics on the Fourth of July, but somewhere along the line my friends stopped being quite as available and ready to “party” — go figure — and I finally pretty much gave up on trying to entertain on those holidays. When not entertaining, there was less incentive to decorate.

Despite the fact that I live in what looks like a castle and can be decorated to look really awesome, it cannot easily be seen from the highway and no one EVER comes trick or treating on Halloween — so if there’s no Halloween party then there’s no real reason to decorate. The same is true for Thanksgiving — if everyone else has plans with their families they aren’t available for a Thanksgiving dinner together — and if there’s no New Year’s Eve party planned, New Year’s Eve can actually slip by unnoticed. I love to have The Castle decorated for Christmas, but decorating isn’t a one-person job, so if I get no help the decorations don’t always get done as they should be.

My family lives too far away, and is too scattered, to celebrate holidays together anymore as we used to when I was a kid, so here’s the deal. I’m looking for some holiday to celebrate semi-reliably with friends. The requirments are that 1)the Holiday should NOT be one that routinely conflicts with family obligations, 2)the holiday should have the potential to be celebrated in a fun fashion, and 3)the holiday should have the potential to inspire decorations of some sort — oh, and 4) no gifts other than gag gifts should be required!

Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. Making up a new holiday is more than acceptable — points for originality.

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