The Bardic Circle

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November 14, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2Long ago a number of my poems were lost to a computer drive crash/mangling, and were thought to be lost forever. But recently, during a scanning project, I began finding printed copies of a number of these, and have begun publishing some of them in my BLOG.

Some of my readers may think them worth the effort, while others might not, but the poem below is one of those previously lost verses. It was written specifically to be printed in my monthly SCA Newsletter, The Equinox, and was inspired by the Bardic Circles that were then so popular within the Kingdom of Meridies, where people gathered to sing, and to recite, and to share tales.

I miss those days.


The Bardic Circle

The darkness gathers, like a dark wine poured
Into an empty chalice, and the sound
Of voices rising in a vibrant chord
Sends ripples through the night to lap around
The golden rim where faces hover near
In the reflection of a candle’s light,
And music’s laughter’s soft upon the ear
As lips draw near to take a sip of night.

The candle passes, and above the flame
Brave tales are spoken, and a magic spun
Of Poets’ dreams and melodies proclaims
The glory of another victory won.
Brave verses flow into the pool of night,
Borne on the surge of music, clear and sweet,
And, as with stars, the evening comes alight
As o’er the bowl the eyes of comrades meet.

And as the magic gathers with the song,
The candle passes, like a lesser sun,
And laughter bubbles in the air, and long
Expectant pauses herald all and one.
And as the candle passes in its arc
Bold visions pour into the sparkling night
Like diamonds tumbling o’er a rainbow’s arc,
To fill the bowl with scintillating light.

Sing ye, oh Bards, of wonder, and of time,
And tell your tales, and let your verses fly
Beyond the night on wings of song and rhyme,
To hang like stars within the velvet sky.
And we shall set the candle down, and smile,
And lift our cups of softly glowing wine,
And toast the dawn, and linger for a while
While morning flows into the cup of time

[22 August, 1990]

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