“Anger Management”

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November 8, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2The following poem was written after witnessing, in a parking lot, a public outburst on the part of a person I thankfully did not know — a person who was lashing out verbally at someone with whom she (and yes, this one was a female) was clearly involved in a relationship. It wasn’t the first time I’d ever seen such an emotional explosion, but it inspired me to comment in poetic form of the fact that some people seem incapable of controlling their violent histrionic blowouts, and will deliberately blast others with the most callous and vicious rhetoric possible.

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“Anger Management”

By narrowed eye and rigid jaw betrayed
Swift anger rises in the wrathful soul
Where spirits rage and empty hearts are flayed,
And joy cannot find purchase, part or whole.

It comes so easily when lacking peace
The heart instead with harsh resentment swells,
And spills its vitriol, and will not cease
The flow until the ire no longer wells.

It lashes out, with full intent to maim,
At whosoever may be close at hand,
Inflicting painful wounds in anger’s name,
And even innocents endangered stand.

The wrathful, in the moment of their wrath,
Care not how deeply choler’s words may slice,
Else they perhaps might chose another path
Less dark, when lighter passes would suffice.

Yet we must pity those whose enmity
Is such that they cannot hold back the ire,
As victims of their own ferocity
Who cannot stay the words or bank the fire.

For other folk will never take delight
In company that so comburent waits,
And when a simple spark might well ignite
A conflagration that will not abate.

So guard your anger! Learn your wrath to quell
When you are moved by stirring ire to rail.
Do not unleash the demons born of hell
When milder words and angels would avail.

[26 February, 2014]

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