“Children of the Night”

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November 3, 2014 by phicks2012

portcullis-02This verse was written long ago, for publication in an October issue of my monthly SCA Newsletter, The Equinox, in honor of Halloween.

I resurrect it now — pun intended — because of Halloween, when folk — children and adults alike — dress up in outrageous costumes and celebrate silliness as much as spookiness. This one leans more to the “spooky” side, so next year I may well do “silly”, but for what it’s worth. I hope you enjoy it, even a few days late.

<Insert evil laughter here>

“Children of the Night”

The moon has risen, and the sun has long since hied away.
The clouds are ghostly whispers in their flight.
The trees are twisted mysteries, their fingers grasping grey,
To gesture oer the children of the night.

The ghouls begin to gather, and the skeletons and wights;
The witches in their flowing midnight weave.
The goblins and the werebeasts, and the things that fear the light
Assemble, for it is All Hallows Eve.

From shadows come the spectres and the wraiths to wail and moan;
The drifting apparitions reft of hue.
The ghastly and the ghostly with their features white as bone
Bring shadows as they hover into view.

And through the gloom they wander, seeking what we may not ken,
In fleshless forms and bodies twisted so.
With hair that, writhing, follows without succor of the wind,
They range the night, embodiments of woe.

The wail with hollow voices from the ancient ruins of time
Until the dawn shall set them all to flight,
And bind them all in shadow till the seasons next align
To free again the children of the night.

[September 11th, 1992]

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