“The Golden Goose”


October 27, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2Sometimes people get accustomed to other people in their lives bailing them out financially, solving their personal problems for them, resolving their mistakes and covering up their misdeeds, and taking on responsibilities that they do not wish to shoulder themselves. Often, once this starts happening the beneficiary of such largesse begins to count on having it continue forever, and if their benefactor tries to back away from this burden they will react with anger, believing themselves to be betrayed, abandoned, and generally victimized.

But generally, even if relatives are involved, there comes a point at which adult individuals — unless they are mentally or physically incapacitated — need to take responsibility for their own life choices, and at which point others need to step back and stop enabling them.

This cautionary verse was written with those sentiments in mind, and I hope you enjoy it.
“The Golden Goose”

When a Goose settles down on an egg of pure gold
Hands will ever be reaching, the prize to enfold.
Folk assume that The Goose will continue to lay,
And the creature will not cease producing some day.

They will stand by the nest, expectations in hand,
For new Golden Egg to appear on demand,
All their needs being answered without toil or strife,
And too soon grow accustomed to drifting through life.

But each Goose has a limit of eggs she can lay,
And she must hatch a few e’er her life fades away.
If each egg goes to answer another soul’s need,
Then all hope will be gone to continue her breed.

If she is not allowed such demands to refuse,
She will fret in her bondage, forbidden to choose,
And at first opportunity take to the sky
With her wings open wide and a jubilant cry.

So all folk should remember, this truth should be known,
Once a Golden Goose flies they will be on their own,
And the Goose will be blameless, that after she’s flown,
She may rest on her nest to hatch dreams of her own.

[24 August, 2014]

One thought on ““The Golden Goose”

  1. Indeed, been there with others.

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