Passport Pooch


October 15, 2014 by phicks2012

Passport Pooch

Poochie PassportI have a good friend who tends to travel a bit, visiting out-of-state relatives mostly, and as a result is faced with the recurring delimna of what do do with her canine child — cleverly called “Mama’s Girl”.

A while back she asked if we might possibly puppy-sit while she was away on one of her trips so that she could avoid shelling out a fair bundle of cash at a boarding kennel, and we were uncertain, at the time, whether or not this would be workable. The yard at The Castle isn’t fenced, and I was concerned that Mama’s Girl might, being unfamiliar with the place, wander off and wind up playing the traffic or tangling with the local wildlife. However, we told her we’d give it a try, and it turned out that the hound in question was (as my own have always luckily been) a “home body”. Other than following Jason down to feed the horses, she stayed right around the house ready to intimidate wayward squirrels and brazen Fedex delivery men, and was no trouble at all.

Since then, we have played host to Mama’s Girl on several occasions, to the point where she now seems to regard this as her second home and no longer even tries to follow “Mama” when she drops her off and drives away. Of course, we tend to spoil her with canned dogfood and doggie treats when she’s here — shamelessly catering to her doggie whims — so it’s probably only natural that she would accept being left here on occasion, knowing that where animals are concerned Jason especially has “Sucker” tattooed on his forehead.

Given her diminutive size, beagle-ish, she is surprisingly good at cowing Sears Repairmen, Comcast Technicians, and Snapping Shoals Meter-Readers (Good GIRL!), and is totally unimpressed by our feline minions (Thiamchan and Chico). As a result, we really don’t mind offering her dual citizenship. Thus it did, in fact, occur to me to create a bogus Passport for her — if only virtually. However, I can never seem to leave well enough alone, so the passport also took on physical form — of a dubious sort.

Do I have too much time on my hands?

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