To Love

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October 7, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2Years ago, back in the 1990s, I was having computer problems, and sought help in solving them. An upgrade was recommended, and because I had many irreplaceable files on my hard drive I insisted that before ANYTHING was done those files had to be backed up on floppy disks (which still existed and were used back then). My helpers agreed, but then instead of doing that they “zipped” them up and left them on the hard drive, which was subsequently fried during the upgrade process. I lost literally everything that had not otherwise been backed up, and that included a lot of back issue newsletters (at least the electronic versions), prose and poetry. Because they’d also been zipped, even a professional file recovery company couldn’t salvage them.

But I HAD saved hard copies of all of my newsletter issues, and recently decided to start scanning those issues in order to have electronic versions of all 300+ issues in .pdf format, and when I began scanning I started finding that some of those lost verses had in fact been published. I’ve been retyping them as I find them.

The poem below is one of my rediscovered verses, believed lost to that computer crash in the 1990s but recovered in 2014 while scanning old newsletters. Hopefully, my readers will think it was worth finding again.

“To Love”

When morning’s breath bemists the weald,
And jewels the grass with dew;
When birdsong touches wood and field
I wake from dreams of you.
As dawning stretches westward arms
Insleeved in silken rose,
And with her sigh the meadow warms,
My heart with love o’erflows.

When basks the vale in nooning’s fire,
And sunbright songs are played
Upon a sweeping golden lyre
To linger in the shade;
When raindrops fall to kiss the land,
And blossoms softly bend,
Then I shall reach to touch your hand,
And tarry to the end.

Within the cool embrace of night
When worlds go whispering by;
When phantoms at the edge of sight
Cast shadows on the sky;
When dreams unbidden gather near,
And eyes with slumber dim,
Then shall the gathered stars appear,
Our true love’s diadem.

[1 October, 1992]

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