ME Day, Part Deux


October 3, 2014 by phicks2012

cushion-02So, I advertised on my BLOG, and on Facebook, that I was setting aside Sunday September 14th as ME Day — trying to establish a stress-free temporal and geographic zone in which I could, for a single blissful day, completely relax. Like to hear how well THAT went?

I managed to sleep in just a bit, but as soon as I got downstairs where I’d left my cell phone I found two voice-mails waiting. Okay, so I probably should have ignored them, it being ME Day and all, but considering their source (my rental property manager) I really didn’t think I safely could do that. After all, it might have been something really critical, so I returned the calls to be told that one of my tenants (naturally one owing money) and done a flit, and that we needed to get the duplex unit squared away ASAP in order to get it rented again. I was NOT going to do it that day. It was ME Day, right? So I scheduled it for ME DAY +1.

This same tenant had, only two days before on September 12th, claimed to me (personally) that there was a gigantic gaping “hole” the size of a watermelon (based upon her expansive hand gestures) in the roof, and that water had been “pouring” into the kitchen. Funny thing about that, but the outside of the roof looked fine, and when I’d insisted upon going inside the unit there was absolutely NO sign of moisture or water damage to the kitchen ceiling — ANYwhere. I suspected that she was prevaricating, or at least exagerating to try to get me to reduce the amount of back rent she owed by claiming that her husband had done repairs. She was hinting rather broadly that he could fix it, but before taking her word for it the plan was for Jason and I to go back there on the 15th (POST-ME Day) with a ladder to get us into the attic/crawlspace to examine the inside of the roof — which, by the way, had been examined before the tenant had moved in, and a small nail-hole (the only visible and possible problem) patched. Let’s face it, if there were any sort of “hole” in the roof, or even a repeating leak, we’d definitely be able to tell by getting up into the crawlspace, and I had to wonder why, if there was a leak, the tenant had never mentioned it at all previously.

This was probably because, when we checked it out on the 15th, we discovered a footprint-sized (and shaped) indentation/break in the decking where the tenant’s husband (Mr. Fixit) had damaged the roof himself. Now isn’t THAT special!!

But, on Me Day, the 14th, the word from my property manager Pat was that there was a puddle on the kitchen floor, though still no visible sign of kitchen ceiling damage, and that the tenant now claimed the water was coming in around the light fixture — which is NOT where she pointed out to ME, by the way — and that she’d moved out of the apartment claiming it was (for a variety of suspicious reasons) suddenly un-livable. I suspect she thought that might get her out of paying the court-ordered judgment hovering over her, but the answer to that is “Uhhh….Not really, and now you have roof damage to explain away as well! Have a nice day!”

I then decided that a run on the grocery store for just a very few items would not produce undue additional stress on ME DAY, but when I got to Kroger I discovered that they had YET AGAIN discontinued a product (actually 2 products this time) that I bought regularly.

I’ve stated before that I think there’s a “Cancellation Fairy” following me around to see what I buy so that Kroger can discontinue it. I stick by that, and repeat that as far as I can tell no amount of complaining to Customer Service will ever get me more than the same non-answer form-letter reply — NEVER any resolution. Kroger is the closest grocery store to me geographically, and has slightly lower prices over all, but the list of items I can no longer find there is now as long as my arm. Over time, the list of items I buy at Kroger has gotten shorter and shorter, and today I walked out of the store with one item, having to travel further down the highway to Ingles and Publix to get the rest.

Then, the Atlanta Falcons (Yes, I’m a football fan) lost to the Cinncinati Bengals. *Sighs*

So much for a stress-free day, huh? The up-side , for me, was that I did manage to read a book and play computer games, that my computer monitor’s sudden death had occured the day BEFORE, ME DAY -1, on the 13th — a Saturday when I could still actually run out and get a replacement — and that UGA’s heartbreaking (from my perspective) loss to South Carolina was also on the 13th.

Also, I’m told that I can always reschedule another ME DAY. Sunday October 21st!!! Hope Springs Eternal!!!

2 thoughts on “ME Day, Part Deux

  1. JSolomon says:

    Ugh. I used to have tenants. Never again. I had to evict and threaten to sue the dad to get paid.
    Here’s to hoping you get your deadbeat tenant to pay and a stress-free YOU day!

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