The Way Before

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September 26, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2I’ve been writing Poetry for many years, and pretty much all of what I wrote in school has been lost. I thought that with the advent of home computers that might be a thing of the past, but unfortunately — no. Back in the late-ish 1990s when I needed a computer upgrade, I asked that my critical files first be backed up to disk, but the people doing the upgrade apparently didn’t take my wishes to heart. Instead, they zipped those files and left them on my harddrive, and as a direct result every one of them was mangled and lost.

Among those lost files were electronic copies of the early issues of our SCA newsletter “The Equinox”, but also lost were a number of poems and even partial novels. I was devastated.

But recently I decided to scan the archived paper issues of those old newsletters, plug the graphics into a .pub file, and then save the issues in .pdf format so that (eventually) I’d have electronic copies of all of the Equinox issues saved. When I started doing that, I also started running across printed copies (in the newsletters) of some of those missing verses, so I’ve been re-typing those and saving them as well — hoping eventually to have copies of most, if not all, of the missing poems.

The following is one of those reclaimed verses, and I hope you think it was worth reclaiming:


“The Way Before”

Come take my hand, and walk with me along uncharted ways,
For while no eye can miss the path which leads from yesterdays,
The winding trace that runs ahead, to mystery’s broad door
May fade and branch a hundred times, and then a hundred more.

And from the groves of memory, beneath the boughs of dream,
It wanders into vision’s realm, o’er many a dancing stream.
Through mists of countless seasons, we travel all but blind
To what’s before us. while the shadows fall away behind.

And yet, through all uncertainty, where e’er our feet may fall,
Though we meet pain, or pleasure there, or stand in beauty’s thrall,
And though we often falter, or miss a standing stone,
If we’ve a friend beside us, we need not walk alone.

[17 December, 1990]


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