Saving Graces?

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September 19, 2014 by phicks2012

Knotwork blockSaving spare change doesn’t work as well as it used to when even a nickle would buy something. However, as a Saving Grace it surely works better than nothing at all and makes me look reasonably frugal in my own eyes — which is a definite PLUS when it comes to self-esteem.

With this in mind I decided back in April to start saving spare change until I could afford to pre-order the most recently concluded seasons of three TV shows — Bones (Season 9), Castle (Season 6) and Grimm (Season 3).

Okay, I realize that these days people tend more often to stream video or to download it to tablets, but I like having actual, physical copies in my collection, so of course, I have to buy them in that form. It’s rather like having actual BOOKS that you can hold and read even if your power goes off, your battery dies, or your computer fries. I like those too, and they don’t get lost to computer crashes.

So, I picked up one of those jars with a slitted lid that automatically keeps track of the coins, and resets if anyone opens it. As a Piggy Bank, it looks nothing at all like a Pig, but it does serve the same purpose, and in the current econony once you’ve saved enough to buy a candy bar the weight of the jar would also make it a fairly lethal defensive weapon.

I figured that to up the ante and force myself to save the required sums more rapidly, I could penalize myself 25¢ every time I failed to change the channel when a bad reality show or infomercial came on, or every time the computer for “Cardholder Services” called me on the phone (even though I’m on the no-call list) to tell me I can get “a better credit card rate”, but then I came to understand that this would break me financially, or all too often would involve turning off the TV box or the phone entirely, so I figured I’d give myself a break. Fair’s Fair, after all!!

My second thought was to add a quarter to the kitty every time I heard the phrase “But wait! There’s more!!” Unfortunately, hearing this phrase could not really be reduced all that much by avoiding infomercials actually listed in the Guide. They sneak the things in even during regular commercial breaks in shows I actually want to watch, whether or not I have any remote interest in purchasing the products. Okay, scratch that plan.

My (nearly) final notion, and probably the most practical though it wouldn’t allow me to reach my goals even nearly as rapidly, was simply to add a quarter every day, if I had a quarter available. Slow but sure, right? Only then I decided to up the ante by going through my billfold once a week and taking out all of the older coins to add to the pot — you know, just leaving the stuff in my purse that looks like play-money.

I didn’t start this until April, but so far I’ve managed to top (slightly) the 25¢ a day quota for 2014. The other good news is that the price of the DVDs has actually gone down a good bit on since they were first advertised, so now I only lack about $15 reaching my original goal.

None of my shows (except for Game of Thrones, and I want that series on DVD too, better start saving) were nominated for ANYTHING at all on the recent Emmys where everything seemed to go to Breaking Bad (a show I’ve never really had an urge to watch), but, hey, at least I also have no urge to buy copies on DVD of anything featuring a Kardashian, so my taste can’t be THAT bad.

So here’s to more quarters finding their way into my jar and more DVDs finding their way into my collection!!!! Wish me luck. Just no Kardashians.


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