ME Day!!

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September 12, 2014 by phicks2012

portcullis-02So — what exactly does a human being like me have to do to get a “ME DAY”? By this I mean a day for myself, at home (or wherever), free from responsibility, stress, and crisis. At this point I would welcome all suggestions except for 1)”Give up on the idea” and 2) “Move to n isolated desert island”. I’m too willful and stubborn for the first, and too financially challenged for the latter. 😉

Scheduling a “Day of Rest”, even for a Sunday, doesn’t seem to work very well, even one planned well in advance and well-advertised as such to friends, family, and even on social media. Between rental property crises, appliance breakdowns with subsequent inconvenient scheduling windows for repairs, and individuals needing or requesting favors, every day of the week seems to fill up at an alarming rate, and short of running away from home –which I’ve actually done before in the past — I can think of few other options aside from padlocking myself into my office and boobie-trapping the doors — just as an added precaution assuming that would-be disturbers of the peace manage to avoid the land-mines in the hallway and the heavily-armed mutant ogre bodyguards — Nunzio & Guido.

Despite past failures, I intend to try again for Sunday September 14th, so make a note of it. I plan to sleep in until I actually WANT to get up, and after I drag my sleep-satiated butt out of bed I intend either to 1)read, 2)play an on-line game, or 3)watch movies — maybe all three — while sipping cool drinks in a comfy chair (not expecting the Spanish Inquisition) — ALL DAY!!!

I fully intend to turn off my cell phone and the ringer on the house phone in both my bedroom and office, to refuse any and all — except literal (and I mean LITERAL) life-or-death — requests for assistance, and to take out a restraining order against anyone thinking to introduce DRAMA!

Aside from candidates for OSCARS and EMMYs, I think DRAMA really should be outlawed anyway, or relegated to DRAMA enclaves hidden well away from civilization in the backwoods where neither cell phones nor WiFi fuction and where even Reality Shows will not dare to venture. But maybe that’s just ME!

So, Sunday September 14th is hereby officially designated as “ME DAY”. I will be answering neither the door nor the phone, I will not be leaving my house unless I DECIDE to, I will not be available to listen to or deal with other people’s real or perceived crises, and if you interrupt my leisure I will arrange to have you flogged — stop smiling — by a large, hairy Bulgarian named Vlad.

Any remaining questions?


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