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September 5, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2Poetry time again, and this time I’m admittedly featuring a verse written with the almost sole intent of being used in The Equinox, the monthly SCA newsletter for the Shire of Sol Haven. It was meant from the onset to be a sort of teaching verse, but hopefully isn’t TOO preachy. In any case, I hope some of you will enjoy it.




Equality beneath the sun should well our birthright be,
But high regard is not by birth a right.
Esteem is earned by what we do, each individually,
And true respect slips in by dead of night
When we are least expecting praise, but others, watching see
Our honor shining with a golden light,
And when our deeds most clearly gleam with truth and chivalry,
And honor’s flame can show most truly bright.

If we proclaim our worthiness and accolades demand,
But in dishonor live from day to day,
Then watchers will not see the glow, but must in darkness stand
Without a beacon bold to light the way.
Then neither do we merit praise, nor commendations grand,
Despite the tokens that we might display,
And those who follow ne’er will know, nor yet will understand.
Their darkened idols stand on feet of clay.

Entitlement is not a right, and you should ne’er admire
The ones who prideful stand and boastful preach;
Who tell you that with ready sword respect you should require,
Though never have you earned so wide a reach.
No, pattern out your lives, good folk, that truth you may inspire,
And courtly ways by your example teach.
Leave not your followers to stand by dying honor’s pyre,
While true respect flies swiftly out of reach.

[22 May, 2014]


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