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August 1, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2Verses come into being in a lot of ways and for a lot of reasons. I enjoy writing structured verse, so that’s what I write by preference, regardless of the situation or the motivation, and people seem to be enjoying my poetry — so they have only themselves to blame when I subject them to more and more of it! đŸ˜‰

The verse below was written to be published in “The Equinox”, the monthly newsletter of the SCA Shire of Sol Haven in the fall of 2003, and dealt with people who had come and gone in the Shire and in the SCA, and with others who had come and stayed with us.

I hope you enjoy it.



The years are turning green to gold; the days from pages one by one
To chapters lengthen we are told. The tale we tell is long begun,
And those once known may wander free until they break their hearts upon
Some foreign shore, or fealty avow before a distant Throne.

Some linger where their dreams were young to spin their tales by firesides known,
And sing tradition’s songs among the folk were dreaming’s seeds were sewn,
While others follow paths that wend by callow streams that rush alone,
Or don their armor to defend frontiers where wilder winds have blown.

They come and go, with voices, names and faces we shall not forget,
And may return as Sirs or Dames or as they were when they were met.
Some follow where the bright steel gleams, to seek a shining coronet,
Or set their hearts on other dreams, and walk away with no regret.

But as we here remember all who passed our way to sweet delight,
We smile within each storied hall, and others hearten at the sight.
For though we may bid sad farewell to friend well-loved by candlelight,
Who lingers where fond memories dwell shall find another at first light.

[04 June, 2003]

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