Lady of the Ringtones: The One Tower

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June 30, 2014 by phicks2012

Red TowerI was approached late in March by an agent of Verizon Wireless wanting (potentially) to lease about 80 square feet of my land to put a cell tower on. I considered this carefully, and while I might be into Medieval history and reinactment, I’m also fond of having a working cell phone. I happen to live in a rural area where the phones contracted to many cell companies simply will not function — read: Cellular Mordor. As a result, my choices are limited.

Then too, while I live in a Castle, I’m also on a fixed income, which allows me to do necessary things like paying critical bills, but doesn’t allow me much leeway for perks like having health insurance — let alone travel or luxury items — so any income from a lease obviously would benefit me financially. That means it “sounded pretty good to me”, and my advisory elves agreed.

But my property is in what’s called a Conservation Covenant. That reduces my property taxes to a point that is barely manageable, but does not allow for developement. If you break the Covenant during its term you’re liable for the back property taxes you’ve already saved, and that is “NOT a good thing”. Therefore, I contacted the County Tax Office to find out if leasing land to Verison would violate my covenant, and found out that there are about three things I can do without a problem: 1)leasing for hunting, 2)leasing for agriculture, and 3)leasing for a cell tower. WOW! What a refreshing change!! No Problem!!!

So the representative came out on April 3rd and selected a spot, and promised me that the company would be getting back to me in about two weeks to let me know for sure. Thursday the 17th of April marked the 2-week point, with no word, so on Friday the 18th I called the agent and left a voice message asking for an update. I’ve learned the hard way to be persistent and to follow up on things like that. Then on the 21st I called again, and this time got through. The agent said to give it another week, so I did. The 28th marked that week, and still no call, so I determined to be patient, and to wait until the 5th of May before calling again.

May 5th came, and I called, and the representative told me everything was on track as far as he knew, but that Verizon was doing a lot of expansion in our area and were running a bit behind. Once again, he suggested waiting a couple of weeks more, so I marked it down on my calendar to call again on May 19th if I got no word by then.

Okay, still no word on May 19th, so I pulled out my trusty palantir/cell phone and called again. The agent spoke from afar, saying that, as a matter of fact, he expected to hear something that afternoon, so I asked him to call me when he did. I hoped fervently for a call-back that day, but orcs clealry ambushed the messengers, because the evening passed in silence.

Actually, a number of evenings passed in silence, but since I was busy slogging my way through the fens of rental property repairs and dealing with at least one problem tenant (gollum…gollum), I let it slide again for get another two weeks, until June 2nd when I called again and was told (this time) that it was between my property and another.

Alas, on June 9th I finally got a call telling me the decision had not gone my way. Unlike Frodo, after long trial I had not succeeded in my quest, and it was a huge disappointment to me. Right along with the possibility of being chosen as a location for Vampire Diaries, or Devious Maids and being passed over, and finding hunters actually willing to “pay” for hunting rights, it seemed that my hopes had been dashed yet again.

But I still have hope…sorta. 😉 AT&T (Gondor) and Sprint (Rohan)?  Are you listening?

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