Finnguala’s Song


June 23, 2014 by phicks2012

Back in 1998 I had a friend, also in the SCA and known there are Finnguala, who was going through a rough time. She had health issues, and emotional issues, and her life seemed to be going totally off-track. Because I wanted her to know as a friend that I cared, and was thinking of her in her time of trouble, I wrote this song for her — and yes, it does have music to go along with it. I even tried to include a dubious vocal here, for what it’s worth, with this blog for anyone wishing to risk their ears, but apparently I can’t do that on WordPress without an “upgrade”, so I webbed it at — hoping that it works and doesn’t injure too many listeners. ;-).

Bear in mind that it was a quickie recording done for another friend who wanted to know how the song went — and if I’d just stood up, or if my cat hadn’t kept sharpening her claws on my thigh at critical moments I might even have produced a more credible recording. Maybe not. I do understand that American Idol is just not in the cards, trust me. 😉

My friend continued to suffer from ill health, and passed away on 21 June, 2009, never making it to Scotland, but I’ll always be glad that I gave her this gift, and that she loved it as much as she did.

“Finnguala’s Song”

Lands of my memory call to me,
Winds singing hymns in the heather,
And o’er the meadows my heart shall see
Melodies dancing forever.
Sing, oh my heart of the gloaming sea,
Sing of the sweet misted weather.
E’er shall my spirit a-longing be
Til I may tarry there ever.

Soft through the valleys the piper’s song
Wafts on the winds of the evening.
Firelight carries my dreams along
Dreaming is near to believing.
Smile, oh my heart in the morning’s chill
Smile, for the green vales are calling.
Heart, tell me I shall do as I will,
Linger as twilight is falling.

Hark, how the music doeth sweetly call,
Comes unto me like a lover.
Holding me close til the evening’s fall,
Dreaming a dream like no other.
Lands of my memory call to me,
Winds singing hymnns in the heather,
And o’er the meadows my heart shall see
Melodies dancing forever.

[24 August, 1998]


2 thoughts on “Finnguala’s Song

  1. I think you have a lovely voice. 🙂 Great song.


    • phicks2012 says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I’m still not going to be terrifying contestants on The Voice, but a vote of confidence is always nice, and I’m glad you liked the song! 😉

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