The Eyes of a Dream

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June 13, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2In a rush this morning because my SCA Shire is hosting an event this weekend and we have tons to do today and tomorrow, so the lead-in to this is brief!  Go Figure!!


This is another verse written for an SCA audience, dealing as it does with folk gathering in their period garb to feast and to revel in a hall hung with heraldic banners and lit by candles and firelight.

I’d like to think that it might be enjoyable to others as well!! In any case, here it is!

“The Eyes of a Dream”

Gather all! Come together! In friendship uniting
We cast off disconsolate mantles and rise
To join here in gladness, our spirits delighting
In what may be seen through imagining’s eyes.

Brave Lords and bold lads, join together in chorus!
Bright Ladies and lasses, come hither and sing!
The sunlight is waning, the night is before us,
And harmony’s voice is a powerful thing!

The banners are hung, and the candlelight softly
Illumines the hall where the dancers craft dreams.
The night’s hung with magic and music, and lofty
Imaginings couched all with gold at the seams.

The feasting is merry with silver-hued laughter,
And toasts drunk in honor of host and of Crown.
Believing is real, and the dreams follow after
To linger in hearts where true hope can be found.

Our lives may begin where the hours dissemble
And end where the seasons are not as they seem,
Yet here we find hope as in joy we assemble
To gaze at the world through the eyes of a dream.

[September 4th, 1995]

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