May 9, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2While this might be overdoing it, poetically speaking, the BLOG I planned to post today didn’t turn out as hoped,because the project I was working on didn’t get completed, so I’m inserting yet another verse.

“NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!” you well might protest, but this is yet another poem written specifically for publication in The Equinox, our monthly SCA Newsletter, and like others with similar inspiration has a definite SCA slant.

It deals with welcoming newcomers into our hobby, and with the fact that some will find a place with us while others will not — but will be welcomed all the same.

I hope that my readers, Scadian and not, will enjoy it.



The voices sound, the faces smile, the hands reach out well met,
And Lore is passed to those who ask that they might not forget
That chivalry and honor shall in all things make their mark,
For we dream of another age when e’er our world seems dark.

And so we laughing tell our tales, and play the shepherd’s part
To pass our store on knowledge on of elder craft and art;
Of battle skill, or courtly mein, or service done with grace,
For even in these latter times such things may have their place.

And some, perforce, will wander on, no solace found in maille,
Nor pleasure in the paths we take when living out our tale,
While others will be kith and kin, and weather joy and strife,
To join us in a dream that has become our way of life.

We cannot know who will remain, or who will drift away;
Who decades hence will banners raise, or linger but a day,
But voices sound, the faces smile, the hands reach out well met,
And Lore is passed to those who ask that they might not forget.

May 15th, 2000


One thought on “Welcoming

  1. Mark Baron says:

    Always reminding me why you are, without a doubt, one of the coolest people the SCA graced me to meet. 🙂

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