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April 28, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2As I’ve so often said, probably ad nauseam, I write poetry for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the Muse strikes, and sometimes I find myself simply sitting down and creating something for publication in our monthly SCA Newsletter, The Equinox. I started the newsletter way, WAY back in 1989, so it’s probably obvious that I’ve been jotting these things down for awhile now. I wrote even prior to that, but everything earlier was lost to attrition and a computer crash, so we won’t even go into THAT! Let’s just stick with the more modern stuff, and let it go at that!!

In any case, the verse below was one of those written for inclusion in the Newsletter, so it has a definite SCA slant. In spite of that, I hope that my non-Scadian readers will also find merit in it!!



If thou wouldst stand a world apart where Chivalry is of the heart, and Service knows the boundaries of fame;
Where kindness marks the ways of truth for eldritch dame and callow youth, and deeds of lore are done in duty’s name;
Where in the gentle hands of time the minstrels sing and poets rhyme, denying that the spirit be restrained;
Then come with me to share a dream that life shall be what ere we deem, and codes of elder ages be reclaimed.

Though fail we may in divers ways, we children of these latter days, to live the dream to which we do aspire,
Yet we of fancy truth may craft and, as the brimming bowl be quaffed, in homage gather all at Honor’s pyre.
From ashes long she yet may rise. Hush, ‘neath the ancient sod she sighs, and Chivalry beside her speaks her name,
And Service with a selfless hand stirs to her need, and coals unfanned for eons long by Art are urged to flame.

For Honor is a fire that burns within the hungering soul that yearns, and Service ne’er shall see the embers die,
But tends the hearth on which she lies, and Art shall make the flames to rise and brighten to illume the ebon sky.
True Chivalry takes up a brand to spread the fire throughout the land, to blaze in splendor and in verity,
And we espousing true belief may by our word stand true in fief, our oaths of fealty ne’er inconstant be.

[December 22nd, 1999]



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