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April 18, 2014 by phicks2012

western_clipart_bullI am not trained in the field of Computer Graphics. I do a lot of simple graphics using my computer that are very quickly and easily done on an old non-vector graphics program. Unfortunately, that program will not function on my newer 64-bit desktop, and I’ve thus far been unable to figure out successfully how to accomplish all of the same things easily on a newer vector graphics program. I wind up using the old program on my old 32-bit laptop and then transferring them to my desktop, and eventually the old laptop is going to give up the ghost. When that happens, I’m not at all sure how I’ll get the same tasks done if I don’t figure out the new program first.

So, how do you get a vector graphics program to do simple graphics with no layers. Conversely, how do you go about really learning how to use one of the newer graphics programs?

I’ve been told (repeatedly) to look on U-Tube and elsewhere on line for tutorials, but the tutorials never seem to be for my particular versions of the graphics programs, and I’m sure you don’t need to be told that not all versions of a program work the same. They also assume that you’re already familiar with certain terminology. It’s like telling you that if you want to use a fitzblotz do the following, when you really don’t understand what a fitzblotz IS —  and when you look up “Fitzblotz” you find it’s another term of “Shotzblitz”, which you also don’t understand. These programs also tend to be very photo-centric, when what I want to do are line drawings, and to be able to create easy composites using cut-and-paste without creating a new layer with every object.

I tried Photoshop, but finally gave up on that out of sheer frustration and went with an upgraded version of the old Paintshop Pro program I’ve been using for years. That, at least, has similar commands and functions, but the menus are still so multi-layered that I have trouble remembering all the steps needed just to accomplish a simple task having nothing whatsoever to do with a photograph.

I’ve ordered a book from Amazon.com that I’m really hoping will do the trick, but if anyone can think of a better way for me to REALLY LEARN the ins-and-outs of Paint Shop Pro X3 — which isn’t even their newest version, but which is less terminally complicated than later versions — PLEASE clue me in!!!! Is there a way to tell the program that I do not WANT a vector graphic “this time”?

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