Sicilian Octave No.1: Market Day

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March 28, 2014 by phicks2012

EQ302-1408-FrontOne of the motivations I have for churning out poetry — good, bad or indifferent — is to have something to publish in our local monthly SCA newsletter, The Equinox. As a result, some of the topics of my verses relate directly to the SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism), it’s folk, its traditions, its visions, its realities, its moments of majesty and its moments of failure and silliness. Because human beings are imperfect, so are the things we create, even those with grand and noble aspirations, but at least The Dream is to live up to those goals and ideals, and I do applaud that even when I see us fall short and am led to compose cautionary verses!

The poem below, written for the (obviously) unreleased August 2014 issue, has to do with the noble fantasy and ideals of The Dream vs. the sometimes humorous, if unfortunate, realities of human nature, and I hope that in reading it you also enjoy it!


Sicilian Octave No.1: Market Day

The Lady went and through the market wandered
Where pilgrims flocked as fighters war were waging,
And through the throngs of merchants she meandered,
To purchase goods such as she found engaging;
Then to her camp returned anon to ponder.
Where went the Lords when battle was not raging?
From acts of gallantry did they run frightened?
Tis sure her heavy loads were never lightened.

“Were I a damsel fair, and young, and slender
With shining locks and blessed with golden beauty,
Methinks” she sweetly said, “the burly gender
Would leap to aid me with my ample booty,
And quickly flock, their services to render,
All eager then to do their rightful duty.
But as the blush of youth has ceased to tarry
So do the Lords equipped to fetch and carry”.

The Lady sighed, her goods still all about her
And watched the Lords stroll by, and heard their laughter.
If Chivalry still lived, it lived without her.
She swore she would a wagon take hereafter
When e’er she shopped, and me, I do not doubt her.
So would I, too, when shopping, ever after.
And when her Lord returned, from battle grimy
He flashed a smile and asked “What did you buy me?”

“My lord” she said, “I sought the market over,
For worthy garb and gear with no assistance,
And, heavy burdened, I returned, moreover,
With items that were bought at your insistence:
The leather tankard and the cooler cover.
And what I bought I hauled a goodly distance.
So thus say I” she told him, voice all airy,
“You’re welcomed to whatever you did carry”.

[21 February, A.S. XLVIII, 2014]

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