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February 24, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2Tabloids and Facebook ads love the word “Shocking” and the phrases “one weird trick” and “you will be amazed”.

Cooking and fashion shows love the words “Passion”, and “Elevating”, and the phrases “Take it to another level” and “Bring to the table”.

Competition Reality Shows adore the phrase “Throw under the bus”.

Infomercerials love the words “But wait! There’s More!!!”, and “This offer won’t last forever!”

Environmentalists love to append the word “Green” to everything. The other day a friend of mine said she caught herself saying she “ate mostly green meat”. She was right to preface her post with “When Buzzwords go bad”.

So I was moved to wonder if Bloggers might benefit from over-used Buzz Words/Phrases as well, and what they would be.

Please feel free to contribute your own suggestions, but some of mine are below:

“Follow me!” — not to be confused with General George S Patton, Jr.

“Keep reading for information THEY don’t want you to know!” — This proclamation need not be followed by anything remotely useful as long as it persuades readers to stick with the BLOG until the bitter end, and with a teaser like that it most likely WILL be bitter. THEY do not necessarily need to be identified either. Hints will suffice.

“Follow me for a chance to win MILLIONS!” Then tell them at the end how to enter Publisher’s Clearing House.


“Read my BLOG and lose 5 pounds instantly!” Note that this only works if the BLOG is so incredibly long that the reader will wind up missing several meals in a row just to finish it).

Any thoughts? 😉

One thought on “Buzz Words

  1. woodrow says:

    pump up the hype-if you can’t make it actually informative ,make mysterious – answer on the next page………..

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