Silks & Linens

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January 20, 2014 by phicks2012

One of these days I may stop writing verses, but that doesn’t seem altogether likely. They just keep on coming, and the poem below was inspired while I was tossing out some old clothing with a high synthetic content that didn’t breathe at all — and that, as a result, I can no longer even BEGIN to think about wearing. Since I started making SCA garb, I seem to be adicted to natural fabrics, and plan on staying that way. No 12-step programs for natural fabric addiction, thank God!

So, I hope you enjoy my little verse, and let’s hear one for natural fibers!!!

“Silks and Linens”

Cast off the vestments of a latter age.
Discard vain fashions of concocted weave;
From garments all synthetic disengage.
Take up the woolen skirt; the silken sleeve.

Adopt the linen bodice, sewn with skill,
The doublet woven from a natural thread,
The cloak of fleece that guards against the chill
Of ancient snowfalls, worn in tales unread.

The choices that we make to cast away
The trappings of an artificial time,
And to embrace a dream because we may,
Speak to our need to hear a softer rhyme.

The flow of linen, heavy at the hem;
The weight of warming wool against the cold;
The rainbow sigh of silk by torchlight dim,
Remind us of a thousand tales untold.

And we may sing of of Summers rare indeed,
And Winters chill where banners shining fall;
Of Autumns and of Springtides on the mead,
While silks and linens whisper in the hall.

[5 October, 2013]

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