Where Do The Mermaids Stand?


January 17, 2014 by phicks2012

Years ago I picked up a little book called “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum. It was a thin book, no weighty tome by any means, and a quick read, but one of the stories contained in the book struck a chord with me and inspired me to compose a verse.

I considered sending a copy of the poem to the author of the book, but at the time (pre social media) one sort of had to find (good luck!) a personal mailing address or email adress to manage this directly, so I set that notion aside and — well, I never got back to it.

Nevertheless, what follows is that verse, composed some twenty-one years ago, way back in September of 1992 when the world was a bit younger and the word BLOG probably hadn’t even been coined. It is today’s offering, and I hope you enjoy it!

“Where Do The Mermaids Stand”

In a world that worships Giants, seen through hungry Dwarven eyes,
Where the Wizards’ magics seem to summon gold dust from the skies.
In a time where only Giants, Dwarves and Wizards roam the land,
And there are no other choices, then where do the Mermaids stand?

Oh, the Wizards gather riches, drawn like moths unto the flame,
And the Giants gather glory and the benefits of fame,
While the Dwarves they gather assets by their labor and their wit.
But Mermaids only gather dreams, so where do the Mermaids fit?

The Giants slumber heavily in lofty castles bold.
The Wizards seek their fitful rest in towers made of gold.
The Dwarves they slumber restlessly in caverns strong and deep,
But, tell me, while they spin their dreams, where do the Mermaids sleep?

Oh the Dwarves will leave behind them what their labors have amassed,
And the Giants will shed their glory, and their fame will fade at last.
All the Wizards’ gold will pale and be forgotten, but it seems
That the Mermaids live forever by the virtue of their dreams.

[28 September, 1992]


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