Titans: A Eulogy for Magy

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January 6, 2014 by phicks2012

I lost a friend on Saturday Night, 04 January, 2014. She was diagnosed with stage four cancer several years ago, but was fighting it like a true champion, and her spirits never faltered. But over the past few months other problems developed, causing her health to worsen. Then, a few days ago, she began a downward spiral, and the deterioration of her condition after that was rapid.

The poem below (minus the final verse, composed Sunday with a heavy, heavy heart) was written in her honor back in November of 2011, and it pleases me more than I can say to know that she saw and liked it while she was still with us. She was a very special person, with a huge spirit and an enormous heart, and she will be missed more than she possibly could ever have expected. Sleep Well, Magy!

A Eulogy for Magy (Linda Hughes)

In a world that worships titans,
Where the mighty must stand tall
There are souls that touch the heavens
Though their living hands be small.
Born with hearts as deep as oceans
And so much of love to teach,
They have wisdom spanning distances
Exceeding human reach.

Though they may be short of stature
And unable to leap high,
They can warm the world with laughter
That no force can magnify.
They have spirits dwarfing mountains,
And the passions of their souls
Overshadow the illusions
Of what larger hands may hold.

For they have the strength of titans
And their spirits understand
That the ones who love are heroes
With the world at their command.
So we raise a glass to Magy
Of the bright and laughing eyes
For the magnitude of heroes
Cannot be defined by size.

From a world she would have conquered
By the force of heart and will,
She has passed beyond our knowing
But we hear her echoes still.
She was taken far too quickly
Through the veil we all must cross,
And our universe diminished
At the moment of her loss.

[05 January, 2014]


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