Suddenly Lakefront

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December 23, 2013 by phicks2012

I live next to a flood plain, with a creek as one of my property lines. That’s why The Castle is situated where it is. I didn’t place it back away from the road so that it would be hidden except in winter when the leaves vanish and the intervening trees are bare. I placed it on the property’s highest point so that there would be far less danger of floods actually affecting the house. Once, in the 90s, we had a 500-Year Flood during which water level rose over 30 feet and water actually got into the basement, but at the time the basement was totally unfinished and nothing was ruined. Naturally, I’m hoping that it really will be 500 years before another one of those comes along,

But this morning I woke to having lakefront property once again, and that isn’t all that unusual, since the creek does flood periodically. My lower pastures were, and still are, under water with a clear current running through them. If I still had the old john boat I used to own before it was stolen during my last move, I could row right along through my creek-side pastures, but today I satisfied myself by taking pictures.

Tomorrow the floods may well have subsided, and I’ll again be looking out on grass (albeit mud-coated), but for today I have a lake lot, and thought I’d share!!

2013 December Flood 01 2013 December Flood 02

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