Sonnet No.7

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December 6, 2013 by phicks2012

I try to stagger my poetic efforts so that they don’t fall back-to-back, and to jump around temporally between old compositions and new ones, just because I want to.

But this time I’m going to be running two verses in sequence simply because what I’d planned to have ready for today didn’t pan out — and that’s literally meant, because it was a recipe. 😉

So, this time around I’m tossing in an old love sonnet written back in the former century, in 1991 for the temporally impaired, for the February/Valentine’s issue of my SCA newsletter, The Equinox.

Though the next Valentine’s Day is yet two months away, love is always around in one form or another, so I hope you enjoy it.

“Sonnet No. 7”

When love awakens to the dawn, from dreams to dreaming born,
And lips smile softly in the light of an enchanted morn;
When eyes with tenderness are misted, warm and soft as down,
And fingertips discover joys the eyes have never found;
When ears are touched with words as sweet as honey in the comb,
And hearts hear music more divine than Bards have ever known;
When two souls join together, by the chains of loving bound,
And two songs intermingle to create empyrean sound
The world is touched with magic, and the music of the spheres
Like vintage wine flows o’er the stars to fall on lovers’ ears,
And melody is twice entwined, divine and mortal wed,
As human hearts, in love, are on immortal viands fed.
Then shall the wandering spirit rest, its earthly cares outflown,
To slumber peacefully at last, and never wake alone.

[December 6th, 1991]


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