“Boon Companions”

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November 18, 2013 by phicks2012

I’m sure we’ve all known people who were right there at our sides when times were good and we had money to spend, and time to spare, and everything was going well — but were seemingly swallowed up by the ether as soon as life started handing us lemons. Remember them? Those friends who stopped showing up and stopped returning your calls as soon as you had problems, or you had less to give them? The ones that all at once were just too busy with other things to offer even moral support?

Having known quite a few, starting even in early childhood, I have no doubt at all that others have shared the experience as well. If they hadn’t, the terms “Boon Companion” and “Fair-Weather Friend” never would have been coined at all, and this would be a moot point.

Bear in mind that I’m not referring to those individuals with very real personal problems who withdraw from the world in general due to illness or clinical depression. That’s different. This verse was written to “honor” those Fair-Weather Friends who vanish by choice, and I hope that those of you not in that category enjoy it, and that the others can learn from it.

“Boon Companion”

The term boon companion describes well a friend,
Whose bond is conditional, strongest when fate
Is most playing favorites, and does depend
Upon fairest weather assuring its state.

When life offers rainbows, and gold sweetly flows
Their troth it seems sure, and they step to the fore
To offer a hand, but when affluence slows
And hardships arise they are first through the door.

The friend who swore loyalty when the world smiled,
And stood by your side when when the sun brightly shown,
Should not disappear when the tempests rage wild,
Inconstant til after the storm-winds have blown.

If once they abandon and flee from your side
In time of misfortunate when skies weep with rain
And friendship is needed, they will not abide.
When next the sun fades they will vanish again.

So choose a friend wisely. Pick one that is true,
And does not forsake you when you stand in need
Of loyalty waiting to help see you through.
Select a bold flower, eschewing the weed.

[15 June, 2013]

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