The Lily

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October 18, 2013 by phicks2012

I like structured verse. I like poetry that is metered and has a rhyming pattern, and I like these structured forms partly because they are easy to write. It’s like having a pattern laid out for you, such that you really only have to come up with a strong theme and then fill in the blanks with descriptive words.

That’s why, when Lyrica — the usefully and very recently invented Muse of Lyric Poetry — rears her head and demands attention, I tend to respond in iambic pentameter, or in quatrains, or in rhyming couplets, or (very rarely) in limericks that usually make no attempt to rhyme with Nantucket.

What follows is yet another of my efforts, this one written to honor another living (rather than deceased) friend, and I hope you will enjoy it.


“The Lily”

See standing tall, majestic, and unbowed,
As strong as steel beneath a golden crown,
By glowing beauty and by truth endowed,
The lily shining in a verdant gown.

Though she might sway with winds that hurry down
From hills that know the fury of the storm,
Or dip her head when thunder’s music sounds,
No tempest ever known will change her form.

Her strength endures, and will not lessened be,
When skies grow dark and rushing rivers rage.
Her heart is sure, and to infinity
She will prevail though there be war to wage.

For battle’s fury cannot beat her down.
She e’er will rise again, and lift her head,
To proudly stand when strident trumpets sound
Defiant until words of peace are said.

She stands in splendor, glorious and bold
Her spirit unassailable and pure,
And though the meads in winter may grow cold,
The lily in her beauty will endure.

[26 February, 2013]

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