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October 14, 2013 by phicks2012

The other day I heard a TV Show referred to as “So bad even TLC won’t touch it”, and found myself laughing so hard I thought I’d rupture something critical. God, but it was such a relief to know that at least one other person in the known universe shared my total lack of respect for that channel’s programming choices!

Once upon a time cable offered the discerning television viewer viable alternatives to watching some of the mind-numbing fare offered by the networks, but now — oh my, how the times have changed and how the tables have turned!

The major Networks still have some executives determined to offer to the public television shows all but guaranteed to destroy unprotected brain cells, but compared to networks like TLC, where in my opinion total sludge is the norm, they are virtual bastions of perfection, with sufficient programs requiring actual writing, directing, and acting talent to reassure the frustrated viewer that he or she has not in fact died and gone to “Demolition Man” Hell.
For those of us not willing to be “entertained” by an endless cycle of infomercials, not terminally obsessed with what (or who) stilletto-wearing pseudo-celebrities are buying (or doing), and not enthralled by high-drama, low-talent so-called “reality” shows, the networks these days seem to be offering the highest concentration of quality, traditionally televised programming.

Note: I don’t here count on my list of “high-drama low-talent” reality shows “Duck Dynasty” which is essentially a comedy and far funnier than most of the lame sit-coms offered today — most of which fall into the “What Were They Thinking?” category — and even funnier than the dumb-composite-monster flicks currently being produced by the SyFY channel. Sharktopus? Sharknado? Redneck Gators? Be still my beating heart!!

This taste/talent balance in favor of the major Networks may (or may not) shift with the recent trend of on-line only programming and with streaming services like Netflix offering their own original fare, but for now I’m thankful for what I can get, and for the fact that in order to watch TV I will NEVER in my lifetime have to tune in TLC!

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